Welcome to SYNkinase

SYNkinase’s mission is to provide life-science researchers with access to the world’s most up-to-date library of kinase inhibitors, and other small molecule inhibitors of important therapeutic proteins, for drug-discovery research use. With guidance from our founders, who include kinase biology scientists and expert medicinal and synthetic chemists, we have created a library of potent, pure and research-relevant inhibitors directed against specific protein serine/threonine kinases (PS/TKs), protein tyrosine kinases (PTK & RTK), as well as lipid kinases.

There are more than 150 kinase targeted drugs in clinical trials or development at present. Twenty four small molecule inhibitors have been FDA-approved including mTOR, BRaf, MEK, EGFR, JAK, VEGFR and PI3K inhibitors. SYNkinase has many of these compounds available for sale as well as a large range of inhibitors described in the literature such as GPCR, TGF-Beta, MAP Kinase, Cell Cycle and epigenetic inhibitors.

Importantly, as we are a primary source manufacturer, we maintain a fastidious focus on quality, ensuring that we can consistently supply the same high quality material time and time again, as well as being first in the market with the most important and topical compounds. SYNkinase offers inhibitors in several formats, including pre-formatted and custom arrays. So why not minimize your screening costs and maximize your discoveries by letting us make a kinase inhibitor array for you.
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