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SYN-3048 | CAS 1370888-71-3

BET bromodomain inhibitor with Kd values of 160, 170, 380, 490, 830 and 850 nM for BRD4(1), BRD2(1), BRD3(1), BRD3(2), BRD2(2) and BRD4(2) respectively.

XD14 also inhibits BRDT(1), CBP, p300 and BRDT(2) with Kd values of 1.2, 1.6, 2.6 and 3.7 μM respectively.

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Technical Data
Cas 1370888-71-3
Alternative Names XD-14
Salt wt. N/A
References Ref.1
Api wt. 421.51
Formula C20H27N3O5S
Related Pathways
Purity >95%

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