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KiNet-1 lets you do more in less time and complexity than ever before. The human protein kinome is critical for the regulation of cell signaling and modulating a variety of key cellular processes. Perturbed kinase activity is strongly associated with human malignancies making protein kinases attractive targets for therapeutic intervention. KiNet-1 allows for rapid interrogation of cell signalling pathways and the identification of novel therapeutic strategies.

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The unique pan-kinase affinity of the proprietary CTx-0294885 compound at the heart of Kinet-1 allows it to bind over 200 protein kinases within your samples. That's quite a few more than purvalanol B, VI16832 and SU6668 combined! Kinet-1 is exclusive to SYNkinase and streamlines the kinome profiling process while greatly increasing the coverage of the expressed kinome.    

probe workflow (1)The KiNet-1 workflow starts by running sample lysate though a column of KiNet-1 beads. Next, enzymatic digestion of the eluent can be carried out in gel or solution. Following peptide extraction, samples can be analysed by mass spectrometry directly or following TiO2 enrichment for phosphopeptides. The kit is also wholly compatible with Western blot and ELISA methods of detection.
probe kinome coverage zoom
Zoom in to view the human kinome coverage of KiNet-1

For more information on KiNet-1 and how it works please see our poster from the 2013 CHI Next-Gen Kinase Inhibitors Conference. Still curious? The original paper underpinning the development of KiNet-1 can be found in the Journal of Proteome Research.

Affinity Probe