SYNkinase: Your first choice for small molecule inhibitors


SYNkinase Licensing and Partnership Opportunities:

SYNkinase is committed to developing and producing a selection of innovative reagents of high quality – affordably priced for researchers worldwide.

Do you have a good idea or are you interested in developing a business relationship with SYNkinase? SYNkinase develops its own products and has a group of highly skilled chemists available to meet custom requirements. We also in-license products and ideas for further development and sale through our rapidly expanding network.

Our Experience and promise to you:

SYNkinase has extensive experience in working with large pharmaceutical companies, University technology transfer offices, start-up / spin-out companies, individual researchers, CRC’s and medical research institutes. SYNkinase’s has existing contracts that cover confidentiality and non-disclosure, research, material transfer, licensing and supply agreements.

SYNkinase is a responsible and ethical supplier. We work closely with the scientific community to develop and bring life-science reagents and tools to the global research community.