SYNkinase: Your first choice for small molecule inhibitors

Founder’s information

Professor Andrew Wilks
Co-founder and Executive Chairman

Andrew Wilks PhD has been involved as a scientist in pharmaceutical drug discovery for 3 decades, most recently as Chief Scientific Officer and founder of Cytopia. Prior to starting Cytopia, Andrew was an accomplished scientist at the Ludwig institute for Cancer Research in Melbourne where he discovered the JAK kinases and published 1 book, 86 peer reviewed publications, and 35 patents and patent applications. Andrew is a member of the board and/or scientific advisory board of a number of research companies, holds an Honorary Professorship in the Department of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University (Melbourne).

Dr. Xian Bu
Co-founder and Managing Director

Xian is Managing Director of SYNthesis operations, including the company's wholly-owned Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai, where he leads our principal synthetic and medicinal chemistry team. Xian previously served as Vice President for the Chinese chemistry service company, SynCores, and was a Senior Drug Discovery Scientist at Cytopia. Xian has a proven capability in the management of a CRO company, rich experience in project management and real expertise in medicinal and synthetic chemistry. He also has an outstanding track record in the drug discovery and development area, especially in design and development of small molecules as drugs for oncology and cardiovascular diseases.