SYNkinase: Your first choice for small molecule inhibitors

Company Information

SYNkinase is a primary producer of research-use-only biomedical reagents, which it markets to life-science and drug-discovery researchers affiliated with Universities, Research Institutes and Industry. SYNkinase was established in 2008 by Professor Andrew Wilks and Dr Xian Bu. The founders of the company have been involved in pharmaceutical drug discovery for three decades and have extensive scientific, company and board experience.

The management team has extensive business sales and marketing experience in all four corners of the world. This team is dedicated to providing the best service possible to you our customers.


SYNkinase is an Australian owned company with a growing global footprint. We have offices in Australia, US, UK and warehouses in the US, Europe and Australia. SYNkinase also has research and development laboratories in Shanghai, China.

David Goldberg
(Regional Sales and Finance Manager)

Our US regional presence with significant experience in financial management and growth strategies.

Nigel Ramsden (VP of Medicinal Chemistry, Head of European Operations)

Significant experience in Medicinal Chemistry and identifies product opportunities for the company

Simon Bury (Head, Business Development - Europe & USA)

Responsible for business growth in Europe and USA. Extensive experience in the field.

Chemistry Team (Shanghai, China)

World leading medicinal Chemistry Team responsible for all products and internal QA/QC.

Yvonne Zhang (Logistics Manager)

Manages the SYNkinase Logistics and supply channels. Manages the Chemistry Team and product release strategy.

Dr Fabio Turatti (COO)

Sixteen years experience in developing, managing and progressing novel high-innovation technology platforms.